Boost iPhone Signal with a Mobile Signal Booster kit

Many of you may find to your utter dismay that you are not able to use your iPhone at your place of work or at home due to signal problems along with the poor internal iPhone antenna. Using an iPhone in an area of poor signal strength is usually a frustrating experience. Fortunately there are easy ways to boost iPhone signal quality. A mobile booster will do exctily that.

A iPhone is no longer just a communication device. It has gained in importance and today it is among the most indispensible gadgets for many of us. We use it for communication, entertainment, data connectivity, gaming and for numerous other purposes. Many functions of the iPhone depend on the strength of the mobile signal in the area.

Signal strength is weak in areas where the nearest mobile mast is quite a distance away. It can also be due to a hill between the tower and your area or other geographical features or obstructions. In an area where signal is weak, the situation gets worse indoors due to walls and other factors related to the building structure. Let us take a look at the problems caused due to poor mobile signals.

Problems due to weak iPhone mobile signals:

1. Your iPhone goes offline occasionally and people are unable to contact you. You may not even notice the problem till you happen to look at the phone.

2. Difficulty in connecting with other numbers, call drops, poor voice quality and inability of one of the parties to hear the person on the other side are all indications of signal problems.

3. Mobile data connection frequently drops or works at very slow speeds.

4. Your iPhone uses more power when the signal quality is poor which means shorter talk and standby times. Your phone will need frequent recharging. Eventually this will lower the battery life as well.

5. The higher power used by the iPhone exposes you to more radiation. Mobile phones are designed to transmit at the least possible power levels, just enough to reach the nearest mobile mast. You will notice that your ears are becoming uncomfortably hot even during short conversations.

Fortunately, better solutions rather than positioning your iPhone at strategic places like window sills and running outdoors or towards a window whenever you make or receive a call are available.

Mobile boosters are the easy way to boost iPhone signal strength:

A mobile booster kit is a device that works like a mini signal tower that provides good iPhone strength inside your building. It has two units. One is installed outdoors or just outside a window where the signal strength is best. The indoor unit is kept in the room or in an area inside the building where you normally use your iPhone.

The repeater works by amplifying and rebroadcasting the signals between your iPhone and the mobile mast. This gives you very good signal strength indoors. Installing a booster kit will solve all the above mentioned problems caused by weak iPhone signals.

Different types of mobile signal booster kits are available. Some work only in a particular band and others work across bands. Multiband models tend to be slightly more expensive than single band models, but will be compatible with more networks.

If you have a weak iPhone signal in your area you are probably having a tough time using your iPhone.
A mobile repeater will boost your iPhone signal strength so you can enjoy full signal from the moment it's switched on.
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Let's get started:

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Why do I lose a signal strength when I am indoors?

Signal strength is often lost within a building due to construction materials such as metal, concrete or wood that absorb the GSM signal.

However the most common problem for low mobile signal is how far your home or office is from a mobile basestation. This is why rurial areas suffer the worst.


Where can I use my booster?

Signal repeaters can be used in most locations where you have a power supply.


How do boosters work & what are mobile signal boosters?

A mobile signal booster magnifies the signal sent by a network mast. With each repeater, 2 aerials are attached with one placed at the closest point to where a signal can be obtained, (this is usually outside or by a window) and the other within the area where you need the increased signal.


Can a signal booster always help my signal?

If you experience any lack of signal, dropped calls or poor quality, then you have a problem with a reduced signal and a booster can help.

Mobile boosters can also improve signals for text messaging, 3G, broadband as well as WAP and other cellular functions along with mobile phone battery life.


How do I install a signal booster?

Signal repeaters are simple to install. There is no technical knowledge required and each kit contains everything you need to know to install your repeater and improve your signal strength.

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